A note concerning the following two pages about St. Patrick and the Irish people.

This is my response to those who so scornfully portray the Irish as drunkards and St. Patrick as the patron saint of those who make a public display of such sick behavior.

"Getting wasted," does not honor Patrick, a man of great holiness. Nor does it honor the Irish people, who, in spite of centuries of oppression, have kept the faith, that precious gift Patrick gave to them.

My mother came from Ireland at the age of twenty and my dad's mother came from Ireland to escape poverty and famine. I am Irish and very proud of it.

"Unofficial St. Patrick's Day," a day of public drunkenness by many students at the University of Illinois, demonstrates enormous ignorance and insensitivity about St. Patrick and the Irish. It is a personal insult to me and to my people.


St. Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland
The Penal Laws in Ireland