Our letter to the family of Rufina Amaya

To the family of Rufina Amaya
Secundo Montes, Morazan Dept, El Salvador

Dearest Friends,

We have received the news that Rufina has died with a sense of losing a very special friend. But we know that God has taken his beloved daughter to be home with Him. She was a witness to the martyrs of El Mozote and she kept alive their memory by her painful testimony over and over again on the sacred ground where their lives were tragically taken from them.

We thank God for the gift of her life. We thank God in a special way for her ministry on behalf of the crucified ones of El Salvador. We hold sacred her memory.

In a small way we were privileged to be a part of her story. In a very significant way, she brought us to a deeper understanding of the sufferings of the crucified ones. Our delegations were blest to experience her gracious company and her friendship.

Now she is at home with her family and friends who have gone home to God. She has been welcomed by the blessed ones of El Mozote and all the Salvadoran martyrs. Now we pray to Rufina, Archbishop Oscar Romero and their companions to speak on our behalf to the Father.

At our Saturday/Sunday Masses we have mentioned all of them in the Eucharistic prayers that remember the martyrs of the faith. We have prayed for Rufina’s family who are saddened at her absence. May God heal their grieving hearts. Please pray for us.


Father Tom Royer
and the people of St. Mary Church, Champaign, Illinois