Growing In Faith Together

Growing In Faith Together (GIFT) is a new initiative of Bishop Daniel Jenky and the Diocese of Peoria. It is a parish planning project structured to have parishes plan for the future in concert with other parishes. The bishop's over-all goal is to enhance the vibrancy of parish life in the Diocese of Peoria, so that parishes will be signs of faith, hope and love to all God's people. Due to demographic shifts, the diminishing number of priests, and the financial situation of many parishes, a process was needed to lessen stress and remove obstacles so all parishes could be strong ones. We need to be good stewards of our human and financial resources and discover ways to reorganize parishes, so that current parishioners and future ones may be well served.

The hope is that each parish will find neighboring parishes with whom to collaborate in order to:

1. Share more resources with each other and with parishes in need;
2. Avoid unneeded duplication of services; and
3. Fill in the gaps where service and ministry have not been available.

Fr. Joe has formed a GIFT team with Mary Long, Jerry Pijanowski, Tracey Johnson and Stan Yanchus.

We invite the input of parishioners as we evaluate our parish through a survey. And we will post results and conclusions and future plans as we proceed through this two year process. Please look at the links below for the GIFT Goals and Surveys, and follow-up results and updates.

GIFT Goals

GIFT Survey