Links to more information about the four martyrs represented by our Advent wreath

Here are some links which provide further background about the four women martyred in El Salvador 26 years ago. Our Advent wreath is a memorial to them.

Wikipedia entries:
Ita Ford
Dorothy Kazel
Jean Donovan
Maura Clarke

Maryknoll article commemorating the 20th anniversary of their martyrdom:
Martyrdom in El Salvador

America editorial by James Martin, S.J.:
Of Many Things

UN Sponsored Report of the Commission on the Truth for El Salvador:
From Madness to Hope: the 12-year war in El Salvador

A Cleveland-based interfaith group with biographies and missions related to the four women:
The InterReligious Task Force on Central America

The Maura Clarke – Ita Ford Center in Brooklyn, New York

Archive of New York times article from 1998:
Salvadorans Who Slew American Nuns Now Say They Had Orders

More New York times articles (can be viewed using Lexis-Nexis at the UIUC library) search for ita ford