Homily for December 20, 2009

4th Sunday of Advent (Latino Mass)
December 20, 2009

We notice a lot of people moving about in the gospel stories before Christmas. They are moving because they are excited about the arrival of God at Bethlehem to join the human family. Christmas is the most important and happy day in all of history.

Homily for December 12, 2009

La Virgin de Guadalupe
December 12, 2009

Every year on this day we gather to celebrate a great gift of God. The gift is the visit of a pregnant indigenous woman to a poor man in the land that belonged to the Nahuatl people. The only name she gave herself was “Mother.” His Nahutl name meant “the talking eagle.” His Christian name was Juan Diego.
She was dressed in the manner of an Aztec goddess, speaking the Nahuatl language that was forbidden by the Spanish occupiers. The woman was short and her skin was dark as were his people. Clearly she was one of them.

Homily for December 6, 2009

Father Tom’s Homily
2nd Sunday of Advent – Our Lady of Guadalupe
December 6, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe (La Virgin) is a treasured symbol of Mexico because she is such a significant person in the history of that country. But the regal woman presented in the famous icon on a poor man’s cloak is not just for Mexicans, but for all of us who are part of the Americas. We all look to her as our Mother.
Consider the dark-skinned image of the Mother of God. It is a clear manifestation of the relationship that God has made with the various people of the Americas.

Homily for November 29, 2009

Father Tom’s Homily
Safe Haven at St. Mary
August 12 – November 20, 2009

On Wednesday, August 12th, about a dozen homeless people became our guests at St. Mary. They were called the “Tent City” by some because they were living in tents. They called themselves Safe Haven because they were now depending on their own small community to provide a haven of safety.

Homily for November 22, 2009

Father Tom’s Homily
Christ the King
November 22, 2009

Today we solemnly declare Jesus to be our Lord King. We are asked to give to him our loyalty.
We must, however, understand what kind of king this Jesus is. Otherwise, you are bound to be very disappointed.
Jesus is not like any other king. He is a leader that many, maybe most people would not want. Very likely, Jesus could not be elected for a public office by a majority vote in most places in this country.

Homily for November 15, 2009

Father Tom’s Homily
33rd Sunday
November 15, 2009

Among the treasures of our Catholic Faith are our memories of the holy ones, our brothers and sisters who are remembered as faithful disciples of Jesus.
We call them the saints. We consider them kinfolk who remain close to us. Their memory is sacred. We love them and realize their loving presence as guides on our journey.

We remember Mary, who served God perfectly by being a good mother.
We remember Francis of Assisi, who teaches us to be poor in spirit.

Homily for November 8, 2009

Father Tom’s Homily
32nd Sunday
November 8, 2009

I once heard it said that St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City was built with the nickels and dimes given by the immigrant poor, like the Irish maids working in the homes of the rich.
It was the nobodies with slight resources that helped to build a monument to their faith, a great cathedral in the heart of the city.
In today’s gospel, Jesus notices the contribution of the very poor widow whose penny was a more generous gift than the ostentatious big donations of the very rich.

Homily for November 1, 2009

Father Tom’s Homily
All Saints – All Souls
November 1, 2009

At the Last Supper Jesus gave his Body and Blood to his disciples in the form of Bread and Wine. In doing so he said to them and to all his disciples, “Do this to remember Me.”
Celebrating the Eucharist is an act of remembering. Remembering Jesus.

From the earliest times, the Christian Community has included these words of Jesus in the Eucharistic Prayer, which we hear in this Eucharist, “Do this to remember Me.”

Homily for October 25, 2009

Father Tom’s Homily
30th Sunday
October 25, 2009

As a theme of today’s gospel, we could use Willie Nelson’s song “On the Road Again.” Because for the past six weeks our Sunday gospel readings have followed Jesus’ journey with his disciples from Cesarea Philippi to Jerusalem.
In Mark’s gospel this journey of about 100 miles takes place from chapter 8 to 10. It is an important journey for Jesus, his disciples and for us.

Homily for October 18, 2009

Father Tom’s Homily
29th Sunday
October 18, 2009

Our gospel storyteller this year has been Mark. His stories tell about Jesus’ ministry of teaching and healing as he moves about the countryside of Galilee, mostly in the towns around the Sea of Galilee.
Then in chapter 8 Jesus takes his apostles northeast up to Caesarea Philippi, a journey about the distance from here to Danville. Not direct as if traveling on an interstate, but meandering along the footpaths from village to village.

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