Homily for April 25, 2010

Father Tom’s Homily
4th Sunday of Easter – Good Shepherd Sunday
April 25, 2010

In today’s gospel the Good Shepherd says: “My sheep hear my voice. I know them and they follow me.”
Who are examples of the Good Shepherd in modern times? I think the greatest example has been Archbishop Oscar Romero whose courageous accompaniment of the poor caused him to be assassinated in 1980. We have spoken of him on several occasions.

Homily for April 11, 2010

Father Tom’s Homily
2nd Sunday of Easter
April 11, 2010

Today’s gospel begins with Jesus’ disciples hiding in shame, in fear, and in grief in the Upper Room. The locked doors of that room can be likened to the stone sealing Jesus’ tomb. Something in them died with Jesus.
His death was an extremely painful loss to them. It can be said that just as Jesus’ dead body was sealed into a tomb, so too the grieving disciples were locked away in the Upper Room.

Homily for Easter, 2010

Easter 2010
Father Tom’s Homily

Two gospel stories can help us imagine the meaning of this great event we celebrate at Easter.
One is the story of the Good Shepherd. The other is the story of the Prodigal Son.

Homily for Good Friday, 2010

Good Friday 2010
Father Tom’s Homily

Jesus seemed to be a failed Messiah, as people considered him nailed naked to a cross, dying in a most public and scandalous way. The common wisdom was that crucifixion was a sign of God’s condemnation.
In his scandalous execution as a criminal, Jesus was a discredited Messiah. He should have no claim on our loyalty and faith. Yet today we kneel in wonder and worship before the crucified Jesus.

Homily for Holy Thursday, 2010

Father Tom’s Homily
Holy Thursday
April 1, 2010

Jesus was in trouble because of his bad table manners. The righteous religious leaders complained that he “ate with sinners.”
For Jesus, eating with sinners was not a ritual of rebellion. It was his inclusive sense of friendship. He enjoyed the company of the poor and the outsiders.

In response to the accusation that he “ate with sinners,” Jesus told his accusers the story of a father who celebrated the return of his runaway son with a festive banquet.

Homily for March 21, 2010

Father Tom’s Homily
5th Sunday of Lent
March 21, 2010

God’s loving mercy is emphasized throughout the gospels. One can say that it is the most important message in that writing that we call the “good news.”
There is nothing we need more than God’s mercy. Jesus’ message is that it is extravagantly given to us – and this is certainly good news.

Homily for March 14, 2010

Father Tom’s Homily
4th Sunday of Lent
March 14, 2010

Our delegation to our sister communities in El Salvador in 1994 included a doctor and a nurse practitioner. Our delegation included Kathy Fries, David Smith, Maureen Donofrio, Paula Ostrovsky and me.
It was the first time we were able to provide medical clinics for the people. The response was long lines each day at the clinics. For most of the people this was their first opportunity for a personal consultation with a medical professional.

Homily for March 7, 2010

Father Tom’s Homily
3rd Sunday of Lent
March 7, 2010

Today’s first reading from the Old Testament Book of Exodus tells about a turning point in the life of a young shepherd named Moses.
In the desert he caught sight of a burning bush that was not consumed by the fire. When he approached it, a voice called out from the bush, “Moses, Moses.” He was told to take off his shoes, because it was a holy place.
It was God calling Moses to a special ministry on behalf of a people held in slavery in Egypt.

Homily for February 28, 2010

Father Tom’s Homily
2nd Sunday of Lent
February 28, 2010

In today’s gospel story, Jesus took aside three apostles and said, “Come with me, I want to show you something.”
He lead them up a mountain, where they got a glimpse of Jesus transfigured in glory. His face and clothes appeared in dazzling light. This experience we call the Transfiguration.

It is significant what Luke reports in his gospel before the Transfiguration takes place and what follows after it.

Homily for February 21, 2010

Father Tom’s Homily
1st Sunday of Lent
February 21, 2010

Throughout history people have believed that spirits exist in our midst and sometimes influence human affairs. The scriptures reflect this belief in spirits good and bad that can touch our lives. Many cultures use a broad range of rituals, words, or symbols to ward off attacks from evil spirits. Sometimes people wear amulets as a protection against injury or evil.

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