Bulletin for May 9-10, 2009

In the Church (this weekend):
Saturday 6 PM James W. Archer & Family
Sunday 10 AM Children celebrating their First Communion
6 PM Spanish Language Mass
In Provena Hospital Chapel:
Monday Noon Larry Flynn
Tuesday Noon Cardinal SuWhan Stephano Kim
Wednesday Noon Special Intention
Thursday Noon Mary Grossman
Friday Noon Those suffering from hunger
In the Church (next weekend):
Saturday 6 PM Jessie Allhands
Sunday 10 AM Joseph Kwi Douk Ahn
1 PM Spanish/Kanjobal Language Mass

Lectors 6 PM Sat. Midge O'Brien & Carl Estabrook
10 AM Sun. Ji-Su Park & Sangjung Nam
Servers 6 PM Sat. Joe Easley
10 AM Sun. Phillip & Simon Park
Ushers 10 AM Sun. Michael Shannon & Les Black
Communion 6 PM Sat. Leigh Estabrook & Bea Shahin
Minister 10 AM Sun. YangSoon Kim*, Kyung Hee Hong,
Pat Knowles, Sarah McEvoy, & Deb Murphy
Lectors 6 PM Sat. Les Savage & Carolyn Mullally
10 AM Sun. Jee Young Ahn & Judith Gordon
Servers 6 PM Sat. Joe Easley
10 AM Sun. Joey Bane & Erik Nam
Ushers 10 AM Sun. Sangjeong Nam & Bob Penka
Communion 6 PM Sat. Les Savage & Les Black
Ministers 10 AM Sun. Kyung Hee Hong*, Kathy Hansen, Chris Ha,
YangSoon Kim, & Kim Rice

There are four opening prayers at the Sunday Eucharist: English, Korean, Spanish, and Kanjobal (a Mayan dialect.) The Apostles' Creed is on page 162 in the Gather Book. At the Greeting of Peace, Peace be with you is added in Hebrew and Arabic as our prayer for peace in the Holy Land.

Lamb of God:
Ha-neu-ni-mae-eo-rin-yang, Se-sang-e-jae-reul, ub-se-si-neun-Ju-nim,
Ja-Bi-reul Bae-pu-so-seo
Pan de vida y copa de promesa, que quitas el pecado del mundo,
ten piedad de nosotros.
King of Kings and Lord of Lords, you take away the sins of the world,
have mercy, have mercy on us.
Jesus, Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy
and grant us your peace.

The next church cleaning will be on Monday, May 11, at 5 P.M. Volunteers are needed! Enter the church from the northeast door. Everyone is invited to help and supplies will be furnished. Call Midge at 378-9660 for more information.

St. Mary Parish Nurse, YangSoon Kim, will provide Blood Pressure Screening on Sat., May 9, and Sun., May 10,
after Mass. Join her in the Romero Parish Center.

Count Your Blessings, let us join together to support this year's Annual Diocesan Appeal. Forms were mailed this week. If you do not receive one, we do not have your name on the parish list. Please call the office to update our records.

All Catholics from the 18 parishes in the Champaign Vicariate are
invited to Catholic Connected: Beyond the Pew, a gathering
with Bishop Jenky on Wednesday, June 3, 7 P.M., at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Please register for this free event via e-mail to stmary@stmary-cu.org or by phone to Deacon Kim at 352-2487.

St. Mary Cemetery depends on annual donations for upkeep. Families who own lots at the cemetery are reminded to help pay for the costs of mowing and maintenance which this year will come to over $21,000. Your contribution to
St. Mary Cemetery can be put in the collection basket.

The prayers of the St Mary Community are very powerful! Are you on the e-mail prayer list? Join at http://stmary-cu.org/prayerlist. Fr. Tom's enlightening homilies and the Sunday bulletins are also sent to this group.

It is not love that sustains your marriage, but marriage that sustains your love. What have you done for your marriage today? www.foryourmarriage.org

The Catholic Diocese of Peoria is seeking applications for teacher openings for its elementary and high schools in Central Illinois. Application materials are available at www.cdop.org or by calling (309) 671-1550.

Prayerful single men are invited to a Live-in Experience vocational retreat at the New Melleray Trappist Monastery near Dubuque, Iowa. The retreat will be held
May 22-25, Memorial Day weekend. Pray and work with the monks and enjoy vocational talks. For more information, call (800) 221-1807.

Widowed and Divorced Diocesan Day of Recollection will be held August 8 at
St. Mary of Lourdes Parish with Archabbot Lambert Riley, OSB. For more information and registration, call the Office of Family Life at (309) 671-1550.

Healing the wounds of abortion. Don't suffer any longer from guilt, despair, or psychological and spiritual problems. Call (800) 367-0702 for a weekend retreat of reconciliation and healing. The next Rachel's Vineyard Retreat is October 23-25.

Consider volunteering at the Senior Resource Center at Family Service. Meals on Wheels and the Senior Transportation program need help that fits into your schedule. Call 352-5100.

Parish Trustees NamJung Jung 351-0959
Bill Volk 367-7664

We welcome all into our parish community. To register, introduce yourself to the pastor or contact the church office.
Subscribe to receive the bulletins and homilies at http://stmary-cu.org/prayerlist.
If you wish to contact the pastor please do so after weekend Masses or call weekdays between 9 and 5. Emergency calls can be made at any time.
Confessions will be heard upon request.
Baptisms can be arranged at your convenience with the pastor. We suggest that you consider baptism as part of the Sunday Liturgy.
Marriages must be arranged with the pastor at least four months in advance. Attendance at Pre-Cana Conferences is required.
Communion for shut-ins may be arranged with the pastor.
The Sacrament of the Sick is administered twice yearly at Sunday Masses or may be arranged at any time with the pastor.
Mass Intentions for someone living or dead should be put in the collection in a labeled envelope. Indicate for whom the Mass should be said and the requested date. The usual offering is $10 per Mass. You can request a specific date, and if that date is not available, the next closest one will be assigned.
The Religious Education Program for school children is held on Sunday mornings at 9 A.M., October – April.
Check out the magazine rack in the lobby. A number of excellent Catholic publications are available for purchase.
Support your parish. All are expected to take their fair share in the financial support of the parish. Quarterly financial reports are in the church lobby.

Fifth Sunday of Easter
May 9 - 10, 2009

The Church of St. Mary
Father Tom Royer, Pastor
ByungJoon Paul Kim, Deacon
612 East Park Street, Champaign, Illinois 61820
217/352-8364 phone 217/352-6859 fax
www.stmary-cu.org stmary@stmary-cu.org