Homily for February 24, 2008 by Father Tom Royer

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Clare Guest House is a place in Sioux City, Iowa that offers hospitality and support to women who are released from prison. Sister Gwen Hennessey, a Franciscan Sister, manages this house. Seven years ago, Sister Gwen herself was in the Federal prison in Pekin for six months along with her older sister Dorothy, also a Franciscan Sister. They were there for their actions against the School of the Americas at Fort Benning in Georgia. It has been well documented that this is a school that teaches terrorism to soldiers from Latin America.

Homily for February 17, 2008 by Father Tom Royer

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In God's Kingdom, the coin of the realm is mercy. Mercy received and mercy given.
Thomas Merton was one of the great spiritual writers of the 20th century. He was a Trappist monk. His funeral Mass in December 1968 began with the words, "I have always overshadowed Jonas with My mercy...Have you had sight of Me, Jonas My Child? Mercy within mercy within mercy." Full transcript here

Homily for February 3, 2008 by Father Tom Royer

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Three years ago, Sister Dorothy Stang, an American missionary working with the poor in Brazil, was confronted by two men threatening her with guns. They represented the wealthy landowners who resented her efforts to empower the poor who were being driven off their small plots of land.
She sensed the danger. She pulled the Bible from her shoulder bag, and opened to the words of Jesus we have heard in today’s gospel. Full transcript here

Remembering Sister Dorothy Hennessey: Homily for January 27, 2008 by Father Tom Royer

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Let me tell you about an ex-con that I have known and admire very much. It is a Franciscan sister who was sentenced to six months in a federal prison when she was 88 years old. Her name is Sister Dorothy Hennessey. I want to honor her memory because she died on Thursday at age 94. She will be buried tomorrow, Monday, in Dubuque, Iowa. She is a great example to all of us. Full transcript here

Remembering Romero: Homily for January 20, 2008 by Father Tom Royer

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Although he lived and died in a faroff country many years ago, I think that Archbishop Romero can serve as an example of what the Holy Spirit calls us to in our baptism – to be holy and a light to others. Full transcript here

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