Father Tom on "Keepin' the Faith" with Steve Shoemaker

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Father Tom appeared as a guest on "Keepin' the Faith" with Steve Shomeaker on WILL AM-580 on September 6, 2009. The topic of the show was "The Local Homeless".

Homily for June 1 by Father Tom Royer

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Angelo Roncalli was born of a poor peasant family in rural Italy in 1881. He became the pope in 1958 (at age 77), taking the name Pope John XXIII. He died in 1963. He was beatified, that is, officially declared “blessed,” eight years ago. So he is called Blessed John XXIII. June 3rd is his feast day, because he died on that date.
This week we honor his memory. He provided an example of holy wisdom described in today’s gospel. Jesus says: “Everyone who listens to my words and acts on them will be like the wise man who built his house on rock.” Full transcript here

Homily for May 25, 2008 by Father Tom Royer

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The Eucharist is at the center of our Catholic life. It is where we meet and dine with the Lord, to converse with him, to listen to him, and to feed on his Body and Blood.
Today we celebrate Jesus greatest gift to us, the gift of Holy Communion. Full transcript here

Homily for May 18, 2008 by Father Tom Royer

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God’s love is so full that it can’t stay still. In it’s dance it breaks forth in creation. Creation is God’s active love looking for more things to love. God created us out of this dance of love. Full transcript here

Homily for Easter Sunday, 2008 by Father Tom Royer

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“Do not be afraid” is the message of Easter. “Do not be afraid” because Christ has defeated death. “Do not be afraid” because the dark night is over. “Do not be afraid” because God never abandons us, but joins us in all our difficulties. Full transcript here

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